Internet Sports TV – A Satellite Direct Internet Tv on PC Review

A Satellite Direct Review – Should You Invest In This Streaming Software?

Truth to be told, I have spent endless hours trying to find Internet Sports TV site that didn’t overload my computer with spam and useless banners. Admittedly, I was looking for a free ride.

This site is simply, product of my frustration trying to watch TV channels online. BEWARE of dodgy torrent downloads, it will hurt you in the long run – guaranteed!

Don’t, however, hold your breath just yet, here you will find a review of a product which was tested thoroughly on my part throughout the past few months.

Note – this is a review.

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Here, once and for all, you will find out how to really watch live Streming Internet Sports TV Channels – the safe and easy way. Sports include: Basketball, Football, Soccer, Tennis, Ice Hockey, Wrestling, Baseball, F1 Racing, UFC and much more. Truly, list is endless.

Are you fed up with looking at junk sites offering free live sports, but loaded with nothing but adverts and malware?

Imagine that you are searching for your favorite match (or race, or program).

Perhaps, you’ll end up on a site where you have discovered some promising links. If you are unlucky, you will finish up on a website with nothing but adverts and most likely some malware to appreciate your visit.

How many times did you get disconnected not knowing what is going on and in sheer frustration manically searched again and again for your favorite game or program?

Free sites offer shared bandwidth, more users slower it gets, simple. Cut the grief and save yourself some time (and I didn’t even touch the subject of quality transmitted). World is moving on fast and is carrying technology with it. Now, you can download satellite direct internet streaming software for the a fraction the of cost you pay for your cable or satellite monthly subscription. To me, this makes perfect ethical sense.

This technology is getting very popular simply because people are busy with their computers nowadays, and often can’t afford to take time out (or don’t want to) to sit in the front of TV’s and watch their favorite programs.

“Satellite Direct” – Why Do I Use Satellite TV to PC Software?

First and foremost, I have reached the stage, where I have refused to pay for my cable connection, but still didn’t find a good quality broadcast on the internet (needless to say that I was freeloading). Furthermore, never before has there been so much choice of television programs available to watch online which offer more than any paid TV network, and now in HD.

What Is Like Watching Live Internet TV?

I am sure you know that already, but I’ll cover it anyway, the idea here is simple. Many countries around the world are broadcasting on the internet. Satellite Direct software simply gathers channel data and merges into a straightforward looking interphase with instant channel preview.

Select your channel and double click is all you need. You can grab your laptop and watch your game from anywhere in the world. Needless to say that, I’ve watched most of the 2010 winter Olympics from the beach bar in Thailand (with just about descent connection).

Now, that’s pretty cool!

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Currently, there are over 3500 channels and updates are frequent, automatic and free. You can choose from: Sports, News, Music, TV Show’s, Entertainment, Movies, Business, Local and much more. Considering that most receiving channels are in HD, hooking up to your plasma/lcd tv enhances the experience – highly. Additionally, with Satellite Direct Software, you also get many hard to find international channels including radio.

Satellite Direct Software in Action

Advantages and Disadvantages

The main disadvantage could be the speed of your internet which depends on your internet provider. As you can imagine, massive amount of data is packet and compressed into MPEG 4 HD format so, decent broadband connection is essential. Also, it took me a few days to get used to it. Instead of browsing with big familiar remote control, everything was under my mouse click. That said, soon I was able to choose what I like and what I don’t, and re-arrange channels into my favorites folder. Funny I should mention, but it is easy to get distracted. There is just so much on offer.

The best way is to play around with it to start with. Find your favorite sports (or other) channels and get used to their scheduling. It could take some time getting used to it, but mobility and freedom is the key here.

To me, the main advantage is ease of use. To use Satellite Direct Internet TV for PC no additional hardware is required since all data is streamed by the software. Subsequently, it’s much easier to set up when compared to traditional methods, there’s no need for satellite dish or cable box and no bandwidth limits.


The internet has changed the way we work, shop, book travel, and spend our free time. The true highlight comes with not only having free access to live and on-demand sports, but all kinds of movies, favorite TV episodes, news and other entertainment from across the globe (24/7). Personally I think that, streaming TV internet software is the best option for those who spend most of their time in the front of PC. Frankly, this is just the beginning.

Daily, there are more and more websites with excellent content for everyone’s tastes – FREE!

Regarding Internet Sports TV, as long as you are near the internet you can be on Mars for that matter and watch your games from there – on the cheap. Now, that’s pretty amazing stuff!

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Internet Sports TV